Self-Awareness Leads to Balance

The mind plays an essential role in sustaining balance.  We often do things unconsciously, without thinking, and those things become habits.  Many times our habits are not in line with our goals, but they are such a part of us that we don’t even realize that they are standing in the way of what we want.  Self-awareness plays a vital role in changing patterns that no longer serve us.

According to Deepak Chopra, whenever we have an experience, the mind is in one of three states, unconscious, aware or self-aware.  The mind’s two main modes of operation ~ unconscious and aware ~ are highly developed.  When we act in the unconscious mode, the brain is able to take care of the body without needing specific instructions; processing the five senses to keep us aware of our inner and outer worlds.  We breathe in and out to provide our bodies with oxygen, and our heart pumps to deliver blood to our organs.  We don’t need to tell our lungs to breathe or our heart to pump our blood, this is done automatically, unconsciously.   The critical mind body feedback loop operates automatically without any awareness. 

Similarly, we have trained our bodies to operate in an unconscious mode with our habits ~ things we do without awareness.  An example of this would be, if you continue to eat beyond the point at which you are full or satisfied.  Often times you are doing this unconsciously, without awareness, which means that it is a habit.  We can retrain our minds to move from the unconscious state to one of self-awareness. As you go to put the next bite of food in your mouth, self-awareness can step in.  For instance, in that moment, you can ask yourself, “Am I hungry? If not, why am I eating? What am I getting out of this?”  When we begin to ask ourselves questions, reflect on our behaviors, look at the larger picture and invite the answers to come to us, we move into the place of self-awareness.  When we are self-aware, we begin to pay attention to what Deepak Chopra calls “the true self”.  This is where values, meaning and purpose come from.  Self-awareness moves us beyond our fixed unconscious habits.  Knowing where a thought or action comes from allows you to recognize a pattern of behavior. 

Reality shifts when self-awareness enters, and we start to take control.  Becoming self-aware opens the door to change and allows us to make nourishing choices in every moment.  With awareness, you can create healthy habits and find balance in our lives.


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