Private Coaching Testimonials:

Kim is an exceptionally knowledgeable and encouraging health coach!  When I first started working with her, I was frustrated by inconsistent energy levels throughout my day, food cravings, and a general concern that I could feel better than I did overall.  She immediately addressed a number of my eating habits, and I developed a new level of awareness between the food choices that I make, and the way my body feels.  I thought it would be difficult to change, but Kim provided very practical advice and encouraging guidance that helped me to get results with an increased energy level, fewer cravings, and an excitement about making better choices at the grocery store. 

But Kim is more than just a nutritional coach – she really is a life coach.  After the initial focus on nutrition, she provided guidance and direction on helping me to develop a more positive outlook and turning negative thoughts into positive ones.  She is a very encouraging and non-judgmental person.  It’s so easy to be honest and open with Kim, she is a genuine person who relates with many of the same choices and challenges we all face.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her! ~ Gail V. 

Kim coached me through my constant struggle to better health and nutrition.  Being a 44 year old parent of a 4 and 7 year old, I realize the importance of feeling young and taking care of myself.  Kim’s approach of understanding my lifestyle not just eating and exercising habits is unique.  This really helped me understand what triggers were causing some of my bad habits.  Kim has a great way of making me think about why I was doing something "bad" without making me feel guilty about it.  Her suggestions always made sense, and her follow up with email studies and/or articles to back them up is really impressive.  Kim’s positive upbeat attitude goes a long way when an over the phone session is needed.  I appreciate all she has done for me, and would be glad to speak with any prospective clients. ~ Bill P.

My primary purpose in meeting with Kim Howie was to gain an increased level of health through better nutrition.  I received her expert guidance toward this goal and so much more!  Kim evaluated several key elements in my life and lifestyle helping me address areas that were stress "triggers" impeding me from attaining a healthier overall life.  With her gentle and compassionate guidance, I was able to face those stresses that I had been avoiding and "band aiding" with an unhealthy lifestyle, ie., emotional eating, lack of exercising, being non-confrontational and passive, etc.  Kim walked me through this journey along with her compassion, knowledge and insight.  She was more than my nutritionist; she became my life coach and friend.  I am proud to say that I have met my initial goal and so much more.  I am eating healthier, exercising almost daily, and, best of all, have the coping skills to handle my personal stress triggers.  On top of all this, I have even lost weight!  Thank you, Kim! ~ Elaine R.


Kim has such a warm, gentle and loving nature that is quite contagious. When I meet with her, no matter what is going in, she makes me feel calm, peaceful and confident in pursuing my dreams. She is helping me balance my home live with my work and the goals I have set for myself. She encourages me to go after my dreams, while staying present with my family. I really enjoy working with her and I am looking forward to many more sessions with her. ~ Kristin R.


11 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Testimonials:

I feel amazing!  I have been bothered by inflammation and pain in my joints for years and it's gone as a result of participating in the Cleanse!  I am less bloated and less anxious, more present, more vibrant and most importantly, MORE ALIVE!  This is a very empowering program! ~ Leslie K.

The 11 Day Cleanse was just what I was looking for to take my health to the next level.  My energy is at an all time high, I can think more clearly and I feel lighter and less bloated.  ~ Nicole S.

Participating in the Cleanse has been a life-changing experience.  By making me aware of how foods affect my body, I am on the road to a whole new way of eating and living. ~ Kay H.

During the Cleanse, I finally started to get good, deep sleep, and after years of poor sleep, I cannot tell you how much that changed my life! ~ Kati

The Cleanse helped me to see that food is truly healing.  I have had a significant reduction in anxiety, acne and acid reflux as a result of participating in the Cleanse. ~ Jen S.

Great Cleanse!  I lost 10 pounds during the 11 days! ~ Steve J.

I was more than impressed with the results of the Cleanse.  I went into the Cleanse feeling sluggish and came out feeling rejuvenated.  I have more energy and my skin is clearer than it has been in years.  The daily support provided by the coaches motivated me to stay on track, and I was inspired by the Facebook support group.  Now, even though the Cleanse is over, I find myself making better food choices on a daily basis for myself and my family.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. ~ Dorothy G

Going into the Cleanse, I was unsure that I would be able to give up the 6 foods for the entire 11 days.  I have never had a very good relationship with food.  I can honestly say how thankful I am that I started the Cleanse.  Not only are my stomach aches gone, but I have learned so much about how certain foods affect me, my moods, energy level, clarity of thinking and how soundly I sleep at night.  For so long I thought the way I was feeling before the Cleanse was normal; now I know that it is not!  I also found that I had some symptoms of a serious medical condition that would never have crossed my mind if I hadn't done the Cleanse.  The support from the coaches was amazing!  I felt like I was part of a family and a community of other supportive people during the Cleanse.  Participating in the Cleanse has changed my life and my relationship with food forever! ~ Marci H.

I have done several different cleanses in the past, but they have never been very pleasant experiences.  This Cleanse was so different from all of the rest.  I was never hungry, cranky or tired.  Compared to former cleanses, well there is no comparison!  I felt this experience was well done, thought through by professionals and well supported.  I'm excited to do it again! ~ anonymous