Holiday Thrive Guide

Holiday Thrive Guide


Tips for thriving (not just surviving) during the Holiday Season




  • Stick to your diet, exercise, and stress reduction routine as much as possible ~ try not to get derailed by celebrations and events. Give yourself permission to enjoy a treat, but then make a YOU-turn, and get right back on track with your healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
  • Drink a full glass of water upon waking ~ start your day by hydrating your body with pure water to help replenish bodily fluids and flush out toxins.

  • Eat a power breakfast ~ start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Try a vegetable omelet or a green smoothie with protein powder, as the protein will help keep you satiated and curb cravings.

  • Prepare before attending parties ~ be sure to eat a healthy snack before leaving for the party or event. And always offer to bring something to ensure that you will have at least one healthy option to eat.

  • Alternate alcohol and water ~ after every glass of alcohol you consume, drink one glass of water. This will help to keep you hydrated, as well as fill you up and keep you sober. Alcohol lowers your inhibition, which will likely lead to over consuming unhealthy treats.


  • Give yourself a time out ~ if you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or just plain crabby, find a quiet place to rest and regroup.   Take a few deep breaths, focus on being present, and regain your inner calm.

  • Give up the need for perfection ~ give yourself a break, and remember the true intention of the holidays. Your friends and family want to spend time with YOU; they are not focused on how clean your house is or how perfect your food tastes.




  • Enjoy the beauty of each moment ~ relax, enjoy, and treasure the time you spend with your family and friends over the holiday season. Be open to creating new memories that will last a lifetime.



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